rough music

rough music is an improv group using conventional instrumentation and a field kit to produce a charivari of discordant rhythms and rhymes.

rough music premiered at IKLECTIK Art Lab in London for the CAN OF WORMS Concert commemorating the 100th Tapeworm Cassette.

An audience member writes: "i left the venue really impressed by what i heard. at times i could feel phantoms of pan sonic lurking in the dark, their menacing metronomic shadows refracted through the hallucinatory prism of your performance as if tones, signals and rhythms had been dissolved into a lysergic haze charged with raw electricity bouncing off high voltage lines and spiralling around me. throughout your set i could feel this constant forward motion driven by pulses and sharp tones cutting through the droning harmonic bed slowly undulating in the background, subtly echoing this feeling of tension and anticipation i could sense between you. a complete success and certainly something i'd love to experience again."

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