TOUCH PRESENTS... (June 20th 2018) Event, Performance Music.

Touch Presents... at Monarch (Berlin) Featuring Mark Van Hoen, Sohrab, Marta de Pascalis, Jasmin Blasco and DJ v93r.

Wednesday, June 20th at 9pm in Berlin, we are pleased to announce Jasmin's participation in Touch presents... at Monarch! Also featuring Mark Van Hoen, Sohrab, Marta de Pascalis and DJ v93r.

From the Touch press release:

Touch Presents….
Doors: 21:00 Start: 21:00

Mark Van Hoen
Mark Van Hoen is a British electronic music artist. He has just released his new solo album, “Invisible Threads” on Touch. Pitchfork said, “Musically, Van Hoen belongs to a distinguished family tree. Originally influenced by the likes of Brian Eno and Tangerine Dream, and later presaging both Autechre’s glitch and Boards of Canada’s pastoral IDM.”

Sohrab was born in Tehran in 1984. He was seven when the Iran-Iraq war ended. His name, from an old poem called ‘Shahname’, means ‘rouge water’, which can also mean ‘blood’. He started a punk band with his brother and a friend, which lasted about two years before splitting… He was totally isolated in Iran, so he left (if only it was that easy) and now resides in Germany.

Jasmin Blasco
Jasmin Blasco (b.1981) is a multi-disciplinary artist who approaches time-based media as the site where sound, image, and language conspire to generate fictions. Through a process of research and abstraction, his practice stages the individual in problematic narratives. He lives and works in Los Angeles.

Marta De Pascalis
Marta De Pascalis (Rome, 1987) is an Italian composer living and working in Berlin. Her solo works employ analog synthesis and tape loops, incorporating free playing into steady, repetitive patterns. She has produced two albums of Berlin School minimal synth excursions: the self-released Quitratue (2014) and Anzar (The Tapeworm, 2016). Her new piece ‘Her Core’ will be published on spring 2018 by The Wormhole.

++DJ v93r
++++Secret special guest



Monarch, Skalitzer Str. 134, 10999 Berlin