SKY - CHU /ʃu/ (2018)
Music, Installation.

The Norwegian word for cloud, spelled “sky,” is pronounced “choo.” Taking its principle from the distance between the written sign and the sounding word, SKY - CHU /ʃu/ plunges the listener into a fictional sonic landscape. SKY - CHU /ʃu/ focuses on tipping points and dramatic turns within lengthy processes that reveal the features of each individual moment.

SKY-SHU /ʃu/ sound recording, 45 min loop, Array of 5 custom speakers, speaker wire, subwoofer, 5.1 channel audio amplifier, DVD player, HDMI cable, DVD with multichannel (5.1) AIFF file, 106 X 157 X 157.Edition of 3.

SKY - CHU /ʃu/  was presented at Wilding Cran Gallery in Los Angeles. An impromptu performance took place on April 15th, 2018,  in which Patrick Shiroishi and Zachary Paul, with additional guests Derek Gaines on guitar and Jason Adams on cello improvised along to the piece. This resulted in publishing a tape for the Tapeworm, a cassette label which features works by Jay Glass Dubs, Mark Fell, Pinkcourtesyphone, John Chantler, CM Von Hausswolff, Pye Corner Audio, Oren Ambarchi, Francisco López, Fennesz, Dylan Carlson, Stephen O’Malley, Simon Fisher Turner and Jean Baudrillard.

SKY - CHU /ʃu/
Wilding Cran Gallery
939 S. Santa Fe Ave., 90021
3.24.18 - 4.22.18


Concept, Sound Design: Jasmin Blasco.
Concept, Design: David Okum.
Audio Engineering: Jeremy Emery.
Fabrication: Yuta Sasaki.